Beneficial obtained

Packages learning

Create a unique and artistic art work and get the personal experience and impression inside it


Get the exciting and unforgettable experience through batik leaded by the decade experienced team

International standard of process

It’s included safety work and waste disposal sites


You will get certificate from Goak Batik Bali team for your successful in learning batik with us.

Soft drink and snacks

You will get soft drink and Balinese meals during the process of learning as our standard service.

Learning while shopping

Get any batik merchandises in the art cottage with a competitive price


term & condition

  1. We open batik tour class with minimum class is for two person
  2. We open batik tour class for a group of people with the minimum is a small group (10 people)
  3. All the processes are done here
  4. All the payment are done here
  5. There is an additional charge if using Goak Transport
  6. Visit Goak Store to have any additional pieces of knowledge of batik productions
  7. All Materials are prepared by Goak Batik Bali
  8. Children five years old are possible
  9. Booking and Registration
  • Couple person (2-8 packs)
    • Easy Booking: A day Before the activity
    • Formal Booking :  3 Days Before the activity
    • Fix Booking: 5 hours before activity (important)
    • Registration: +62-81337229510
    • Note: make sure the number of students 5 hours before activity
    • if in a particular case the number of students less than minimum class (one pack), there is 50% supplement from the rate package mentioned 
    • 50% cancellation fee just for the number of students more than 5 packs and it does not include the small group yet (10 packs)
  • Group people (small group = 10 packs)
    • Easy Booking: Two weeks Before the activity
    • Formal Booking: A month Before the activity
    • Fix Booking: 3 days before activity (important)
    • 50% cancellation fee for a group of people without exception 
    • Note: make sure the number of students 5 hours before activity

11. Payment method:

  • couple person   :  Direct Payment
  • Group of people : 50% deposit must send to our account 3 days before activity
  • The rest with direct payment after the class finish