Batik Art


The story of Rajapala which tells he is hunting in the forest and on the occasion he see the angels from heaven are taking a bath at a pool, so he has desire to make them as his wife, with his trick he takes the cloth of an angel and he sings a song. Hearing the song, the angels became shocked and clothing hurry to get back to heaven. Unfortunately, either one of the angel canโ€™t back because she lost her cloth, she cries loudly but her sisters canโ€™t help her because they have to get back to heaven soon and they forced to leave her. And Mr. Rajapala comes to her and seduces her to be his wife and she forced to receive it with a condition

Created on 2009

Using indigosol color on cotton

The size is 90 x 150 cm

Maintenance : Safe or hang in the shade and if get dirt, you may wash it by water

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