Batik Art

The priest of Baka

A folklore in Bali that’s named Tantri, in which a heron with all of his tricks success to cheat all of fishes in a pool. The story runs like this: one day in the dry season the water in a pool became lack and the fishes in there are confusing because their live is depended on it, but a heron’s aware of the condition and he comes to the place, he seduces the fishes and promises them that there is a fertile fool out of there in the distance. Hearing the news the fishes are very happy and he (Heron) promises to deliver them to the place. Short story, he takes them one by one. Firstly, he takes three of them: two he puts in his twice claws and the other one in his beak, but he doesn’t take them to the place that he promised he takes them to a place and eat them, this action he repeats continuously till all the fishes he eaten and only a crab left over there. He (heron) also seduces the crab, he says all of your friends have been being happy out there, the crab is doubt but finally he receives it, he hangs to the neck of him and they begin to fly, while flying he (crab) smells fish in his beak (heron) and accidentally his eyes go down and he sees many skeletons in the down place on distance and he is being angry, without doubt he strangles his neck (heron) till cut, and finally he (heron) dies. The story has a mean that life in this world we have prominent the goodness to help everybody

Created on 2009

Using indigosol color on cotton

The size is 90 x 100 cm

Maintenance : Safe or hang in the shade and if get dirt, you may wash it by water

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