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The process of making batik at Goak Batik Bali part 1

Goak Batik Bali is batik producer & gallery since 1987. We love batik and everyday we make batik lovely. We started to make it simply, in two dimension designs only appeared the objects. As far as time we developed our technique in making it with three dimension designs: front view and back view, and this batik style now famous as “Goak Batik Bali “.   What is the point that make it unique?  in this styles you need to make a plan firstly, what will  be the front view and what will be the back view. Secondly, what colors are you going to play? you have already planned it well, this style is like you be an architect; everything you have planned well, so its unique and need patient as well as artistic spirit.

Anyway if as you want to know more  of the processes, its better you join the Goak Batik Bali  Tour Class program. You will teach how to make batik in detail. For more info please prefer to Batik Tour Class Overview page or contact us at our Contact page. You can also fill out the form below for questions about Goak Batik Bali,  Batik Tour Class.

And if you are a businessman who wants to make the base batik products, please see our offer at You can also fill out the form below for questions about Goak Batik Bali products

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